A cost-effective way of gaining more business? Yep, that’s exactly what you’ll get with our PPC Ad campaigns – nothing less.


To be a leading business in your industry, you need a team and a strategy that works for you. With Bulldog Digital Media, you’ll get exactly that – a tailored PPC Ad campaign that gives you everything. It’s as easy as that, plus you can expect nothing less from us, but fulfilling your business’ dreams. Well, maybe not overnight! But, with a little patience and a lot of hard work from our dedicated PPC team, you’ll see results. And not just any, they’ll be the results you want. 

Look, it’s all about you and your business with us. We don’t faff about with unnecessary extras. We use PPC to optimise and manage your campaigns with a team that care and most importantly, thrive on outperforming your competitors.

Our approach to PPC, that converts


Persuasive ad copy


Ongoing A/B split testing


Landing page creation


ROI reporting

Our service gives you results

Account setup

A well-planned account setup improves your business’ visibility, by optimising your ad groups and campaigns. We do this to find and target the best audience for you, that will convert.

Keyword targeting

It’s not enough to show up – your ad has to sell. We balance keyword targeting with persuasive copy, that customers can’t help but click on and stay on.

High converting ads

We pit your best ads against one another to find and improve upon high-performing variants. This contributes to our knowledge of what’s working specifically for your business. Then, we can make changes to drive more clicks, leads and sales.

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