SEO acts as a magnifying glass, enlarging your website for everyone interested to see. And as for those who aren’t yet interested? Our SEO can adapt to work as a magnet drawing their eyes to your site and only, your site.


Your site is already great, but why stop at that? Let us work towards magnifying your site’s search rankings and blurring out your competition. You’ve got the site, you’ve got the brand, but we’ve got the experience to get your online traffic skyrocketing. We’re talking about way more than only keywords and links, although they are useful. Our Digital Marketing Agency has the SEO strategy and more imperatively, the passion to get you to and keep you, on the first page.

Our organic approach


Onsite optimisation


Popular content


Strong link building


Increase in traffic
and leads 

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Strategy and execution

You’ve got competition, who doesn’t? But that’s okay because competition drives us to be better; to be better than them, than ourselves. Your code holds all the answers, so allow us to dig into it and get analysing. We love to evaluate content, analyse backlinks and weigh up your competition to pick out all the nitty-gritty SEO mistakes. Once this is done, we can build a picture of what we need to do for you to achieve higher rankings and better traffic.

Technical SEO audits

After we’ve thrown any SEO issues far, far away we’ll work as a team to build a strategy any business would be jealous of. Look, we’ve got your back because we understand what it would mean for your site to receive the high traffic rates and top rankings on search engines that you deserve. We’ll take care of everything from keyword research and content creation to link building and increasing your traffic. Along with our expertise, we’ll collect solid data to give you the ultimate SEO strategy, personal to your brand.

Meaningful real-time reporting

Check our real-time client reporting app, whenever you like. It’s as simple as opening up our app to track your progress, live. If you’ve got any questions, just have a chat with your dedicated account manager and it’ll get sorted. They’ll always be there to give you updates on your campaign, sort out any concerns and give you expert advice. Just like your personal account manager will always be there to talk, the rest of our Bulldog team are here to chat in the meantime. 

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Growing Businesses

Whether you’re a B2B service or in an exceedingly competitive niche, we thrive on showing businesses that SEO is a worthy investment. We bring education on the benefits of SEO, experience, trust and results.

In-house teams

So, you’ve already got a marketing manager, CMO or an in-house department? Brilliant! We enjoy working as a team because the more marketing minds there are, the better the plans and ideas will flow.

What are you waiting for?

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